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STEP 2 - Create 3D space and Meshmoon account

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STEP 1 - Log in / sign up

At first you need to log in via your social network Facebook or Gmail. If you donĀ“t want to use your social network you can create a Meshmoon user profile. With Meshmoon user profile we need you to confirm your email address. After registering we will send you verification email. After this step you can step further to create own 3D space and Meshmoon account.

STEP 2 - Create 3D space and Meshmoon account

In this step you have already logged in via your social network and we have created a user profile for you or you have created Meshmoon user profile. Before you can access your own 3D space we need basic information about the upcoming space and Meshmoon account.

NOTE Please do not leave the page when you have submitted the form. It may take a while when we create the 3D space and Meshmoon account for you.


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