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Meshmoon is a multiuser 3D application server for creating your own collaborative 3D spaces. It takes about 1 minute to create your own Free 3D space.


· The new web client is out! ·

Check this out! WebRocket provides greater visibility and an easy-to-use user interface for anyone to start playing with the 3D spaces on Meshmoon. The first 3D spaces in WebRocket have been published now and more will follow every week. With the new web client it is possible to gain more visibility to your 3D spaces in the mass markets. It gives companies and developers wider audiences, since people can access Meshmoon 3D spaces directly from their browser.


· Meshmoon Education Program ·

Meshmoon use in educational institutes and organizations is constantly growing. Meshmoon wants to support students’ content creation and innovative solutions by launching MEP, Meshmoon Education Program. Joining MEP is cost-free up to 100 Meshmoon MEP Moon accounts, so why to hesitate, contact us today!


· Meshmoon Webinar ·

Check our webinar page to get informations about the future webinars and watch the video recording of past webinars!

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Create own 3D space!

At first sign up with your social network or sign up by creating Meshmoon user profile. Next create own 3D space and Meshmoon account.

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Meshmoon Education Program


Meshmoon use in educational institutes and organizations is constantly growing. Meshmoon wants to support students’ content creation and innovative solutions by launching Meshmoon Education Program.

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Download Rocket client

Download Rocket client



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 What is Meshmoon?

Meshmoon online virtual reality hosting system is based on on-demand cloud hosting technology, providing reliability and scalability with a flexible pricing range. Meshmoon worlds are accessed with the Rocket client, which is basically a productised version of the open source realXtend Tundra software.

Meshmoon service is accessible to visitors without any costs (unless the scene owner wishes to charge something), all that is needed for access is the free Rocket client. Currently there are a number of open worlds for everyone to visit and their numbers are constantly on the rise.

For content creators who wish to have their content hosted in Meshmoon there are several options available, including a limited free trial. The trial will allow anyone to test importing content and check out the web management interface. For special cases such as large-scale limited time online events - such as for example the Gallery Weekend Berlin project that is still viewable in Meshmoon - we are willing to negotiate individual contracts.

If you are intrigued by what you see inside Meshmoon or just curious about the technology and its applications, we at Adminotech would love to meet up and discuss everything between the Earth and the (Mesh)Moon. As one of the realXtend project’s founders, we have a lot of experience on virtual reality technology and its applications. Online multi-user virtual environments are still a fairly new technology, what we do know is that they have been used successfully in a number of applications - many of which sound quite surprising at first - and the potential is great.

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· Rocket web client

· Rocket desktop client for Win and Mac

· Easy Administration panel

· Presis for easy 3D presentations

· Automatically scaled cloud infrastucture

· Application store

· Scene layering

· Collada avatars

· 3D Cave support

· Oculus Rift support

· Meshmoon EC components

· Documentation for artists and   developers


realXtend Foundation

"Hosting services such as Meshmoon have an important role in the realXtend ecosystem, by making the technology available to everyone."

Juha Hulkko, Founder of the realXtend project and chairman of the realXtend Foundation


Aalto University

"Meshmoon service and Adminotech Ltd. have had an important role in our research related to laser scanning-based virtual environments. Adminotech helps us to be even more agile in research, which is important for us."

TkT Hannu Hyyppä, TKK, Instituutin johtaja


Spinning Wire

"Meshmoon proved to be a good development and hosting platform for our events, including the popular Virtual Gallery Weekend Berlin 2011."

Dr. Francois Garnier, Spinning Wire


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