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Meshmoon use in educational institutes and organizations is constantly growing. Meshmoon wants to support students’ content creation and innovative solutions by launching MEP, Meshmoon Education Program. Joining MEP is cost-free up to 100 Meshmoon MEP Moon accounts, so why to hesitate, contact us today!


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Adminotech Oy holds rights to use the names and logos of the MEP organizations as references in their communication and marketing.


Meshmoon Education Program, MEP, is targetted for educational institutions and organizations. With MEP, students can train their skills in 3D space creation. Teaching and learning can take place in the same environment, since basic communication methods, such as voice and chat, have been built in. Various content tools can also be used within the Meshmoon 3D spaces. Finally, students can set their outcomes, the created 3D environments as either private or public.

In MEP, the educational organization is entitled to 100 Meshmoon MEP Moon accounts. Each organization has a key user, who will also act as an administrator. The key user receives organization key and shares it with others. The administrator will be given access to his organization edu spaces automatically.

MEP provides Meshmoon technical support for all the MEP organizations. Web chat support is available on a daily basis and specific live, in-3D-space tutorials 3 times a month. Dates for the in-3D-space tutorials will be informed on MEP web.


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